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Times When Flipper Teeth Make Sense

Posted on 9/7/2020 by Salem Dental Arts
Times When Flipper Teeth Make SenseA dental flipper is considered a temporary restoration - one that is usually worn while a permanent restoration is being made. Dental flippers are made of an acrylic material that looks like your gums. The base is used to hold a replacement tooth or teeth. Flippers normally feature a retainer, which is used to anchor the flipper in place.

What are the Benefits Associated with Flipper Teeth?

Wearing flipper teeth make sense when you want to fill in a gap in the mouth, either temporarily or until you can get an implant. Also, we can prepare a flipper for you in advance if you need a tooth extraction. You can eat more easily with a flipper and it provides stability. The addition of a flipper tooth prevents the other teeth from shifting. The tooth is also convenient and is a more comfortable alternative to wearing a partial, for instance, made of metal. Dental flippers cost less than other temporary or dental options as well.

How Long Can Flipper Teeth Be Worn?

Usually, a dental flipper is worn for about six months when adults are waiting for their gums to heal from implant surgery. We can make the temporary restoration in about two days. Therefore, you can have access to it fairly quickly. In some cases, patients may wear a dental flipper for several years because they are easy to adjust and are lightweight. In other cases, the patient is too young for a dental implant so they may wear a flipper instead. While wearing a flipper is convenient, you do have to remember it is also fragile. Therefore, it can break more easily than other dental restorations.

Do you need to fill in a missing space in your mouth? If so, a dental flipper might make sense for you. Contact our staff for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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