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OrthoFX and Invisalign Clear Aligners
Salem, MA

Patient receiving OrthoFx clear aligner therapy at Salem Dental Arts in Salem, MAIncreasingly, patients are learning that they don’t necessarily require the commitment intensive orthodontic care that comes with traditional brackets and wire braces. They can have a great smile with considerably less daily impact to their lifestyle. At Salem Dental Arts, we understand that everyone wants a great smile and a great smile starts with straight teeth. Clear aligners may be the right tool to help you get the look you want without the frustrations that come with braces.

Clear aligners are customized to apply pressure to move your teeth without brackets or wires. Instead, the patient receives a series of aligners, each designed to make small incremental movements in your teeth. The best part is, this type of orthodontic appliance is:
•  Clear: Instead of metal or ceramic, clear aligners use a clear acrylic that is customized to fit entirely over your teeth. This helps the patient have a nearly invisible look, in fact most people will never know you are wearing one at all. Clear aligners cause a much less impact on your look while wearing it than traditional braces, meaning your treatment is personal and discreet.
•  Removable: The freedom to be able to remove your orthodontic device is huge. We have patients who play sports, play instruments and more, and being able to temporarily remove their aligner while they engage in those activities can make a big impact.
•  Easier to Clean: The freedom to brush and floss your teeth as normal, without the frustration of cleaning and flossing around brackets and wire is significant. With a clear aligner, you simply remove it to clean and then replace it when you’re done.
•  Fast: Treatment time can vary from patient to patient depending on their needs, but over, studies indicate that treatment time is less with aligners versus traditional braces.
•  Metal Free: The metal of braces can be problematic. It is known to poke, cut, scrape and hurt soft tissue. Clear aligners removes these frustrations because there is no metal.

At Salem Dental Arts, we offer both OrthoFX Clear Aligners and Invisalign. Both aligners provide the benefits listed above with slight differences. We are happy to discuss the differences with you to find the best option for your needs.

Are aligners right for me?

Many patients find themselves wondering if they need braces, or if clear aligners will work for them. The truth is, we can’t say without a consultation. Clear aligners are used for correcting the alignment of your most visible teeth. Traditional braces allow the orthodontist much more control in moving and correcting teeth. Your treatment begins with a thorough examination. We will review your jaw alignment, your teeth spacing, discuss any impacted teeth and more. Depending on what we see, we may refer you to an orthodontist for examination.

We never recommend that a patient bypass the opinion of a dental professional. If you are seeking information about clear aligners or other cosmetic services, contact Salem Dental Arts and request an appointment today! We are here to help!

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OrthoFX & Invisalign Clear Aligners Salem MA | Salem Dental Arts
Clear aligners may be the tool to help you get the look you want without the frustrations that come with braces. Call Salem Dental Arts for more information!
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