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Dental Hygiene Services
Salem, MA

Dentist explaining proper dental hygiene to a patient at Salem Dental Arts in Salem, MAHygiene care includes all of the services we perform as a routine checkup, namely a dental cleaning, followed by a dental exam and oral cancer screening. We use this time to educate our patients on their oral health, as well as look for signs that indicate trouble. Taking preventive steps in your oral care can make a significant difference in not only your dental health but your overall health. At Salem Dental Arts, we can help you have healthier teeth and gums.

Dental Cleaning

A dental cleaning is performed by our professional hygienist. This time together is of great value to your day to day cleaning routine. This is because your time together includes:
•  Examination of Your Gums: We will want to look at the health of your gums. This includes looking for symptoms of gum disease and measuring the depth of any gum pockets. Patients with gum pockets exceeding 3mm may require more specialized treatment to remove harmful bacteria that has slipped below the gumline.
•  Remove Tartar and Calculus Buildup: Plaque is a naturally occurring material that is made up of saliva and food particles in our mouth. It collects along the rim of our teeth, between our teeth and on surfaces. If we remove it daily through brushing, it should brush away with ease. If we leave it in place, it can then dry and harden, making it difficult to remove. Dried plaque is known as tartar or calculus. Tartar becomes a place where decay can occur. This is due to the bacteria in this blend that can feed and emit an acid to destroy our teeth.
•  Educate: As the hygienist works, they often educate patients on areas of concern and how they can change it in the future. This may include better brushing techniques, flossing tips, or products that can help.
•  Polish: Once the teeth are clean and clear of decay causing bacteria, we can then polish. Polishing removes extrinsic stains that accumulate from regular use. We use a gritty toothpaste and a rotary brush to polish these surface stains away.

Dental Exam

A dental exam is performed by our doctor. We use this time to look for any trouble spots, which can include tiny problems that we hope to stop in their tracks, large problems and everything in between. A dental exam includes:
•  A Visual Inspection: Using a probe, we will visually examine the teeth, soft tissue, and entire oral cavity. We are looking for fractures, cavities, caries and more. If the patient has any prosthetics such as a crown, bridge or denture, this will also be reviewed at this time.
•  Review Digital X-ray Imagery: Some trouble spots can’t be seen with the eye alone. This is when digital radiology helps. We can review these images and look for trouble areas that we missed through inspection alone. This may include disease, bone deterioration, the development of tumors, and more.
•  Discuss any Trouble Areas: During this time, we will discuss any trouble areas, or potential for trouble, that we see. Having an open dialogue with our patients helps you have better care.
•  Answer Questions and Provide Education: Providing education is an important aspect to our job. We value this time in providing our patients with dental health education. This may include daily hygiene tips, diet tips, the benefit of a prosthetic, or more.

Oral Cancer Screening

You may be surprised to learn that dentists spot the symptoms of oral cancer more frequently than any other medical professional. While examining your oral cavity we look for symptoms such as the development of bumps, changes to the coloring of tissue, changes to the texture of tissue and more. If we see a symptom that we feel could use a closer look, we will ask to remove a small piece of tissue to be sent to a dental lab. Oral cancer can be a serious issue if left untreated.

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