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Rendering of a jaw with a dental crown at Salem Dental Arts in Salem, MAAnytime there is a problem with your teeth we are extra careful because that is what others notice first. Having chipped, cracked, discolored or decayed front teeth can make someone self-conscious and can create awkwardness in social settings. At Salem Dental Arts we offer crowns to enhance the look of your smile.

Crowns to Protect Your Teeth

The use of crowns is an option for our patients who need the cosmetic procedure to enhance their smiles, but the procedure also protects the damaged teeth from further decay. Even if the problem with the teeth is due to a traumatic blow to the face while playing sports or after a car accident, adding a crown helps to protect the enamel.

When the enamel in the crown is damaged for whatever reason, the risk of decay increases, bacteria use even the tiniest spot to get into the inner layers of the tooth. When plaque starts to build and stick to your teeth, it can cause other serious problems for your oral health, including periodontal disease that could lead to tooth loss. We do everything we can to protect your natural teeth, and crowns are an excellent option for those patients who need it.

What Are Crowns?

Crowns are a cap that our dentist places over your tooth. The crown of the tooth is the visible part that others see when you smile, so having decayed, chipped or discolored front teeth is problematic. A crown also prevents a cracked or chipped tooth from breaking more, and it provides more support for eating. Additionally, a dental crown protects a tooth from infection by sealing the tooth out from harmful bacteria.

From an aesthetic point of view, a crown is made to look like your natural teeth, and we carefully match the color, so it blends in seamlessly.

What are Crowns Made of?

Crowns are usually made of porcelain or metal and are very durable. When taken care of it properly with good oral hygiene habits, a crown can last for many years. Because a crown is so visible when you speak or eat, we usually use porcelain or resin, which we can match to look like your natural teeth.

Resin is not as durable as other materials, but it is more aesthetically pleasing. It is also more affordable, but you must take care not to eat hard foods that can chip or crack the crown.

We also use ceramic crowns because this material can closely match the color of your natural teeth. Ceramic also has shine, and it can mimic the look of natural enamel better than other materials. You may know people with "fake teeth" and not even realize it. Ceramic is also more durable than resin or porcelain.

Getting a Crown

The procedure of getting a crown is straightforward and relatively painless. Our dentist needs to prepare the tooth receiving the crown by shaving off some of the enamel, and we generally use a local anesthetic for this stage. When this step is done, we will make an impression so that the lab can create your new crown.

During this stage, we choose the color that will match your natural teeth. It's vital that you bring up any concerns at this point. Once the crown is cemented in place, we cannot adjust the color. While the permanent crown is built, we will give you a temporary crown you can use, and you will come back later on to get your permanent crown. Before cementing it in place, we will check it one last time for color and fit and make any adjustments.

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