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Is Denture Adhesive a Requirement?

Posted on 10/30/2019 by Salem Dental Arts
Is Denture Adhesive a Requirement?There are many types of denture adhesives available today. They include pastes, powders, and adhesive pads. Before you get your dentures, you may question whether any of these are necessary.

What Denture Adhesive Pads Are

Denture adhesive pads are made to be placed either in or on your denture. There it will help your dentures remain securely in place. Sometimes they'll use zinc, which is known to enhance adhesion. While zinc is good for your body, anything that your body receives too much of is never good. When your body gets too much zinc you can end up with damaged nerves, especially in your hands and feet.

This will appear slowly, but it's a good reason for you not to depend on denture adhesives for a long period of time. Instead, you really should only use them until you can visit us and we can determine how to make your dentures fit properly once again.

Determining if Denture Adhesive Pads are Truly Necessary

Typically, when you have a set of dentures that are fitted properly for your mouth and you take good care of them, you shouldn't need to use any type of denture adhesive. However, as you and your dentures grow older there will be changes that naturally occur. The main one is that your mouth's bones will shrink, causing the structure or your mouth to change.

When that happens, you must either have your dentures relined or have a new set made. In either case, this will ensure that they properly fit in your mouth. While you're waiting for this process to occur, you can use dental adhesives to provide you with some temporary relief.

If you're in need of some help with your dentures, make sure you contact our office to set up an appointment today. We want to make sure your dentures fit you as comfortably as possible.

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