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Complete Fixed Bridges (Non-Removable)
Salem, MA

Diagram of a fixed dental bridge at Salem Dental Arts in Salem, MAWhen you have missing teeth, you may be concerned about what to do next. At Salem Dental Arts we offer several cosmetic restoration options to our patients who need teeth replacement, including complete fixed bridges. Taking care of this problem will not only give you your self-confidence back, but it will prevent other, more serious oral health problems from developing in the future.

Why You Need a Replacement for Missing Teeth

Missing teeth don't only affect the way your smile looks to others. It's a situation that can develop into more severe oral health issues later on. When a tooth or several teeth are missing, the adjacent teeth will start to shift, which can create problems with your bite. Moreover, tooth loss promotes more tooth loss and bone loss which can make you look older and give you that "saggy" look on your face. We have the experience to help you with your missing teeth problems now.

What are Complete Fixed Bridges?

In cosmetic dentistry complete fixed bridges are full teeth replacement for your upper or lower missing teeth. If you have lost several teeth and are at risk of losing more because of decay, this option could be for you.

A complete bridge is made of dental implants or abutments that hold the bridge in place and fake teeth anchored on a plastic device that looks like your gums. The crown (visible part of the tooth) is usually made of porcelain which is extremely malleable. Porcelain is an ideal element to use because it allows our lab technicians to mimic the look of enamel and it is strong enough to withstand the force needed to chew and bite on food.

How Complete Fixed Bridges Work

Once you decide you want to have your teeth replaced with complete fixed bridges, we will schedule scans and x-rays to review the condition of your mouth. We will also consider your oral and overall health history. If you are a good candidate for this procedure, we will start a personalized treatment plan just for you.

Complete fixed bridges require two minor surgeries. We can do these procedures with a local anesthetic, or we can put you to sleep if you need deeper sedation to be comfortable.

If you have any remaining teeth, this is when we will remove those and prepare you for your dental implants. In most cases, you need five or six implants to support the bridge. Our surgeon will place the implants in the jawbone and close the incision. After a week we can remove the stitches and take an impression of your gums for the temporary prosthesis.

Your recovery can take several months, and once the implants are completely healed and fused with the jawbone, we can proceed with the second surgery. At this stage, we reopen the incision to expose the implants and place a temporary collar that will keep the gum away. During the next appointment, our surgeon will place the support structures, and we take a final impression so that the lab can make your permanent bridge. When you come back, we will have the final bridge ready for you, and you can go home with a brand-new smile.

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If you have missing teeth and want to have a complete fixed bridge done call Salem Dental Arts at (978) 741-1640 to schedule a consultation.

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Salem Dental Arts offers several cosmetic restoration options for patients who need teeth replacement, including complete fixed bridges. Click here to learn more.
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