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Tips to Make Speaking in New Dentures a LIttle Easier
Posted on 8/10/2020 by Salem Dental Arts
Tips to Make Speaking in New Dentures a LIttle EasierWhile new dentures make it possible for you to smile easily, they can also challenge you when it comes to speaking and chewing. That is because they may fit loosely because you have not applied enough adhesive or you simply are not used to talking with dentures. Regardless of the reason, you can learn to speak with confidence by learning the following tips and finding out how the design of a denture can affect your speech.

How Are Dentures Fabricated or Made?

Traditional dentures are made with a pourable acrylic substance, known for its strength and dependability. A cold-pour process is used to make classic dentures for patients who are budget-conscious. Using today's advancements in technology, dentures can also be made through a heat-injected process. During the manufacture, a custom mold is made from the denture material, which is injected using high pressure. Afterwards, the created mold is heat-cured. When this is done, the denture is denser, stronger, and offers a more comfortable and more accurate fit. If you have a heat-injected denture made, you will find that speaking is not as difficult.

How to Speak with Less Difficulty

If you have traditional dentures, you may find the fit a little looser than a heat-injected model. If this is the case, you need to bite down and swallow to reposition the denture so it fits better. You also need to give your tongue and cheeks some time to adjust to the prostheses. You can make the transition easier by reading out loud from a favorite book. Eventually, you will get back to speaking normally. When you first have your dentures, speak more slowly. By following this approach, your speech will sound less muffled. If you still have problems after following these tips, contact our team of professionals for further adjustments.

Are you interested in getting dentures? Maybe you already have dentures and they just need to be adjusted for a better fit. In either case, we can assist you with all your denture needs. Give us a call today for further details or to arrange a consultation.

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