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Chewing on Non-Food Items Can Lead to Broken Dentures

Posted on 9/30/2019 by Salem Dental Arts
Chewing on Non-Food Items Can Lead to Broken DenturesChewing is one of those things that dentures are meant to help you with. However, if you chew on the wrong things, you'll end up doing more harm than good. This is why it's so important for you to avoid chewing on certain items and know what these items are.

We all know that biting our fingernails is a bad habit. However, we may not realize that this puts stress on our jaw, exposes us to germs that hide under our nails, and can flatten the front teeth in your denture. It's also possible to splinter other teeth as well.

Chewing Tobacco

When you wear dentures, you become even more prone to the oral health risks of chewing tobacco. Not only will this dry your mouth out by decreasing your saliva production, but it can also cause you to have an infection in your mouth.

Inedible Objects
You may not even realize you're doing it, but when you get distracted you may start chewing on things like the pencil or pen, you're holding in your hand. Although this probably doesn't seem like a big deal, it will harm your dentures. Not only can this cause your dentures to shift, but it can also cause cracks in them. Of course, you're also exposing your mouth to a lot of unnecessary germs.

Ice Cubes

Chewing on ice cubes is especially bad for your teeth because ice is a hard surface at a very cold temperature. This hard surface will cause your dentures to be prone to chipping and cracking. Add to this the cold temperature and you'll do even more damage. You'll actually be creating small cracks every time you bite down.

Other Items of Interest
When you're wearing dentures even chewing the wrong foods can be problematic. This also includes things like chips; hard, sugary candy; hard or sticky foods; those foods that contain kernels or seeds; chewy meats; and chewing gum. If you have any concerns about what you should or shouldn't chew while wearing your dentures, make sure you contact our office so we can discuss them with you.

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