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KoR Teeth Whitening
Salem, MA

Patient smiling after receiving KOR Whitening at Salem Dental Arts in Salem, MAAt Salem Dental Arts, we offer our patients an advanced teeth whitening option that begins with a prescribed at-home treatment which is then followed with an in-office treatment to help your teeth get up to sixteen shades whiter than you started. This is a considerable difference from other products, including Zoom. We can help you have whiter, brighter teeth with results that will make you want to share your smile. Have you tried other whitening products, either store bought or from another dentist and felt that the results fell short? KoR might be the answer for you.

Teeth can become stained for a variety of reasons, including normal day-to-day use, consumption of certain foods and drinks, or even from taking certain medications. With KoR, we can whiten your teeth, often even removing stains that previously were not considered a candidate for whitening therapy.

One of the biggest whitening struggles for many patients are stains that have come from the use of tetracycline, which is a prescribed medication. In general, patients have been forced to cover teeth affected by tetracycline with crowns, veneers or dental bonding. The KoR whitening system has been found to be effective in whitening teeth for many tetracycline patients, eliminating the need for costly restorative treatment.

How is KoR Teeth Whitening Different?

KoR treatment is different from other whitening products, such as Zoom. Treatment begins at home. We prescribe a kit to be used daily for about two weeks, this is then followed with an office visit for that last big boost of whitening power. KoR uses a continuously refrigerated high potency peroxide based gel.

All peroxide gels work by making hydrogen peroxide the end product which is an active bleaching agent. KoR has optimized these results by creating a system that allows the gel to be at a higher potency, through refrigeration. Keeping the gel cold extends the bleaching properties to diffuse thoroughly into the microstructure of teeth, helping it even whiten intrinsic stains.

Other Whitening Products

Walking into any store that sells tooth hygiene products, you quickly see that there are an abundance of products claiming to have whitening power. The truth is, they do have whitening power. The difference is, store bought products can not deliver prescription strength. They can only offer a low dosage product, and some try to make it sound like more strength by using different forms of the same active ingredient, peroxide. These limited whitening products will slightly whiten your teeth over an extended period of time.

Other prescription strength products such as Zoom, do a fabulous job, with a high rate of success. Many of our patients are very happy with the results they get from Zoom. KoR is another prescription strength product that has also demonstrated being effective on intrinsic stains. Our team at Salem Dental Arts is happy to review the many pros to these whitening products and recommend which option may be best for you.

For more information on KoR, other whitening products, or cosmetic denstry, contact our Salem office at (978) 741-1640.

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Have you tried other whitening products and felt that the results fell short? KoR teeth whitening might be the answer for you. Call Salem Dental Arts today!
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