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How to Tell if Veneers Ever Come Loose

Posted on 3/20/2020 by Salem Dental Arts
How to Tell if Veneers Ever Come LooseVeneers are a great way to make your smile really shine. They are made of different materials, including porcelain and composite. Both materials are strong and resistant to everyday wear and tear, but they will still need to be looked after properly.

Though they are made of strong material, veneers have the possibility of becoming loose and even falling off. It is possible to notice signs of loosening before they completely fall off, so it is important to always be vigilant.

Signs of Dental Veneer Wear

Veneers are applied to the front of the tooth with dental cement or adhesive. Because dental cement can become loose over time, it is possible to notice a slight wiggle of your veneers. The best way to avoid wear on the bond between your veneers and your tooth is to be careful of what you eat. Hard foods, sticky foods, and very hot or cold foods can loosen dental cement over time. When veneers become loses, you may not even notice it at first, but if you feel a little give on the front of your teeth while eating, it could be possible that the dental cement is failing.

A good way to test for dental cement failure on veneers is to run your tongue across the surface of your teeth. If you feel movement from your veneers, it could be a sign that they are close to coming off. Luckily, veneers are easy to reattach as long as you are able to recover them if they become detached from your tooth. The process for attaching them is similar to applying them.

If you think your veneers are coming loose, give is a call. We can schedule a consultation and examine them. It is important to act quickly as it is possible for veneers to come off in your sleep. This may put you at risk for choking or losing your veneer which will make it necessary to recreate it.

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