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Partial Fixed Bridges
Salem, MA

Rendering of jaw with dental bridge at Salem Dental Arts in Salem, MADental bridges must be supported by natural teeth to replace a missing tooth. As the name indicates, a dental bridge helps to fill a gap. Here at Salem Dental Arts, we have many years of experience with partially fixed bridges as an option for your dental needs.

People have missing teeth for several reasons, including trauma and poor oral hygiene that results in disease. The bad news is that sometimes we cannot save a tooth. The good news is that we have several options for you to choose from.

Why Missing Teeth Need Replacement

If you have a space between two teeth because of a missing tooth, we can make a partially fixed bridge to fill that gap. It's vital to take care of any missing teeth as soon as possible because once you lose one tooth, it has a domino effect on the rest of your mouth. Missing teeth are not only a problem aesthetically and will affect the way in which you interact with others in social situations. When you have lost a tooth and root, more bone loss usually follows, and that can lead to additional tooth loss and decay. Moreover, adjacent teeth shift and move because of the gap, which can lead to problems with your bite.

How a Partial Fixed Bridge Works

To be able to add a dental bridge you need to have two natural teeth or abutment teeth to hold the device in place. The bridge is of one or more artificial teeth called pontics, which are anchored to a plastic device that matches the color and look of your gums. We use different materials to make the pontics, including gold, porcelain, or alloys. We can also use a bridge with dental implants that are in good health.

Getting a dental bridge usually requires more than one visit to complete the process. First, you will come in for a consultation to determine the treatment you need. Once we decide to go with a partially fixed bridge for your tooth replacement, your abutment teeth get prepared for the procedure. This preparation consists of removing some of the enamel to allow for the placement of a new crown over them. Following this stage, we take impressions which our lab will use to create the bridge and crown. Our surgeon Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz will send you home with a temporary crown until the permanent one is added.

The second visit will consist of replacing the temporary bridge with the permanent one built by our lab. We will fit and adjust your new bridge as needed to make you feel comfortable. It may take a few days to get used to it, and you may need to come back if it's uncomfortable.

Before cementing the bridge in place permanently, we can also use a temporary technique to make sure the device fits you properly, and you can eat and speak with no problems. Most of the times we cement the new bridge on the second visit.

Dental partial fixed bridges can last up to 15-years with proper care and good oral health habits including regular dental checkups.

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As the name indicates, a dental bridge helps to fill a gap. Here at Salem Dental Arts, we have many years of experience with partially fixed bridges as an option for your dental needs.
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