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Dentures May Leave You Looking Older Than Dental Implants

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Salem Dental Arts
Dentures May Leave You Looking Older Than Dental ImplantsDentures and dental implants are dental appliances that help replace missing teeth. However, they have different effects on you, especially on how you look. Dentures might leave you looking older compared to dental implants.

How Dentures May Make You Look Old

After losing permanent teeth, other than losing their functionality, the physical changes affect your appearance. With the jawbone shrinking, you will notice changes to the shape of your face. When you replace the missing teeth with dentures, the jaws will no longer come together properly. This will lead to a condition known as loss of vertical dimension: the distance between your chin and nose shortens. Jaw shrinking causes an over-closed and sunken facial appearance that makes you look older than usual.

How Dental Implants Make You Look Younger

Dental implants make you look younger by preventing bone loss. With the prevention of bone loss that is typically caused by missing teeth, your facial structure will be intact. Consequently, the chances of facial sagging and wrinkling are less likely. We recommend that you get dental implants because they don't lead to bone loss. The longer you wear dentures or stay with missing teeth, you will be promoting bone loss. This will make you look older than you actually are. It is recommended that you get dental implants, especially when all your teeth are missing. This is because the lower one-third of your face starts to collapse if not properly fitted to the jawbone.

To correct such a condition, our dentists will carefully evaluate your dental structure and fit the implants perfectly. Contrary to what many people think, getting dental implants is a simple and straightforward procedure. After getting your dental implants, it is good to properly take care of them as you would care for permanent teeth. Visit our offices for more information on how dentures and dental implants work.

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