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How Long Should Dentures Last?

Posted on 6/21/2021 by Salem Dental Arts
How Long Should Dentures Last?Teeth loss can occur due to age, injury, tooth decay, or medical conditions. When this happens, you're chewing and speech capabilities will be affected. Your facial structure may also be affected if you stay for long without a restoration. Getting dentures at this point will restore your teeth functions, enabling you to chew food and speak properly. However, while dentures offer replacement to natural teeth, their durability is limited and will require special care to last longer.

Are Dentures a Permanent Solution?

If aging is the cause of your teeth loss, your dentures may serve you permanently for the rest of your golden years. However, if you are younger, you may need replacement from time to time, even with proper denture care. Denture fit may also change with time due to bone loss requiring minor revisions. When this happens, we may either contour your gum line or reline your dentures to save you the replacement cost.

How Do You Increase Dentures Longevity?

Since dentures are a replacement for natural teeth, they are prone to wear due to their functions. Generally, dentures should serve you for a decade. This duration can stretch beyond ten years with good oral care, but there is no guarantee that the denture function and appearance will be as they should by this time. Among the things you can do to ensure your dentures serve you for longer will include cleaning your dentures every night and maintaining good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth if you have partial dentures and cleaning your gums if you have full dentures. You should also visit us for dental checkups to prolong their longevity. We will check your denture fit and wear rate during the visits and make necessary adjustments or replace them. This way, your oral health will improve since poorly fitting dentures have the potential to cause sores and infections. For more details on dentures, contact our office today.

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