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How Long do Dentures Last?

Posted on 2/8/2021 by Salem Dental Arts
How Long do Dentures Last?Dentures are the most frequently chosen restorative dental option for artificial teeth. They are far more affordable and noninvasive in nature when compared to dental implants. Patients can be measured for dentures and have them in just a few short weeks. They are planed on the supportive gum structure and need no additional dental appliances to provide the patient with a good artificial tooth solution restoring lost functionality. The conventional dentures are held in place by adhesive and can be removed for regular cleaning and so the patient can take proper care of their gums and oral cavity.

Are There Different Denture Types?

Conventional dentures are what most people envision when they think about dentures. They employ the use of adhesive to keep them in place, so they do not shift during eating or while speaking. While those are the most common other solutions are available. There are bridges which use healthy teeth on either side of the space to keep them in place. There are also dentures which can be secured to dental implants. This is the most invasive type of denture available. These dentures are attached to dental implants which are embedded into the jawbone as a foundation.

Lifespan of Dentures?

While the concept behind dentures is that they provide a permanent solution to a patient's tooth loss, the fact is nothing is permanent. They are made of a material not as hard as tooth enamel and therefore wear out quicker. With proper care by watching what they eat and drink, avoiding acidic foods and beverages, patients can greatly extend the life of their dentures. While the American Dental Association suggests patients replace their dentures every five to seven years, in many cases, if properly cared for, dentures can last for much longer. We will always discuss with you at your appointments with us how important it is to evaluate dentures each and every day because they are softer than natural teeth.

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