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Is a Filling All You Need When Covering a Big Cavity?

Posted on 10/5/2020 by Salem Dental Arts
Is a Filling All You Need When Covering a Big Cavity?Unfortunately, if a cavity deepens or becomes quite large, you need to do more than just fill it. Read the following information to learn more about why a crown is your best solution.

Why You Need More than a Dental Filling to Fill and Protect a Large Cavity

By the time a cavity in a tooth gets big, the tooth usually has broken down or has weakened substantially. While a filling works for smaller cavities by keeping the holes filled, it will not protect a cavity that needs further protection. Not only will the weakened tooth get weaker, bacteria can settle around the filled tooth, which is also more liable to fracture. The money you save now by getting a filling, will also be the money you will spend later on removing the filling and possibly getting a root canal. To prevent further dental issues, you need to have a crown placed instead.

How a Crown Protects a Badly Decayed Tooth or Large Cavity

As noted, a filling will not offer much protection to a tooth with a large-sized cavity, as it does not strengthen the tooth and places the tooth at a higher risk for fracture. However, a crown reinforces and strengthens a tooth because it encases it. Therefore, the crown serves as a type of durable splint that holds the tooth in place. When a crown is used for protection, you can chew or bite without the risk of further damage. Saving a tooth in this way will also save you money.

If you think you can fill a large cavity now and that is all you need, consider the fix only temporary. Instead, have a crown placed, so you can feel confident about your dental health and well-being. If you need a large cavity repaired, we can help. Talk to us about crown placement today by setting up an appointment for a consultation.

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