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Could Bruxism Ruin Your Dentures?

Posted on 4/15/2020 by Salem Dental Arts
Could Bruxism Ruin Your Dentures? Bruxism is a condition that many people in the world suffer from. Bruxism is also known as the grinding of teeth. While it typically occurs at night, bruxism may also occur during the day despite being unnoticeable. The problem with bruxism is that the repeated action of teeth grinding causes damage to the gum and the teeth. With continuous grinding, the tooth's enamel weakens and may eventually chip or break weakened areas of a tooth or teeth.

What to do if You Have Bruxism

For people with nighttime bruxism, the common habit is to bite down and clench the teeth throughout the night. This may occur without even the notice of the affected individuals. Wearing dentures during the day helps and protects the teeth from the impact of clenching. At night, however, you may worry about what steps you can take to deal with the bruxism.

The Truth about Dentures and Bruxism

For certain individuals who have never experienced bruxism, once they start wearing dentures, the grinding begins. The problem with bruxism and dentures is that the repeated grinding and clenching wears out the dentures and shortens their life span. This is not in any way to say that bruxism is a reason to avoid wearing dentures. It is important to note that bruxism may make the whole denture wearing experience more uncomfortable than usual.

Are Dentures Good for Individuals with Bruxism?

Ideally, individuals with bruxism should always wear their dentures. Despite the feelings of discomfort, your teeth and gums will thank you one day. Always ensure that you wear your dentures during the day and wear some sort of guard at night when all the grinding occurs. In case you still experience severe bruxism despite wearing your dentures, don't hesitate to call us. Our in-office dentists are willing to work out a strategy that will keep both your dentures and teeth safe.

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