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Why You Salivate So Much with New Dentures

Posted on 12/20/2019 by Salem Dental Arts
Why You Salivate So Much with New DenturesFor anyone with a new set of dentures, one of the things to get used to is the sheer amount of saliva your mouth will produce at first. This is both normal and healthy, albeit annoying to some. This is your mouth's way of trying to stay safe and get out a foreign substance that it is not used to yet.

With a bit of time, your mouth will adjust and you will be feeling much more normal. Just remember, your mouth needs time to adjust to something new being in it, the same as your speech will. However, the more you use your new dentures, the easier the process becomes.

How to Best Adjust to New Dentures

When your goal is to adjust to new dentures, then you want to make sure you take the time it needs to do it right. What that means is that you want to wear them for short bursts, then take them out. We will walk you through this when we first fit your new dentures, especially for those who have never worn any before. Your mouth is going to feel off, but it will adjust in a short period of time. The more you use your mouth, the quicker the adjustment goes, and the sooner the excess salivation stops.

Your mouth is simply trying to remove something it deems as unusual. The goal is to push the item out of your mouth so that your mouth can stay healthy. Once your mouth is able to realize the dentures are indeed meant to be there, it will become much easier to manage. If you have any questions about your new dentures, or if you think your salivation is more than just a temporary problem, feel free to call us. We will gladly take a look!

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